February 1, 2011

River conditions have been pretty good going into February.  Most shelf ice has dissapeared and water levels have been stable.  Some of the colder mornings have had a bit of anchor ice and slush flow in the seams.  This has caused a bit of silt to be stirred and the river appears to be rising but it's not.  There has not been alot of temperature variance unless the sun pokes out for a while.

Fishing itself has been fair.  Focus on the last few house of daylight for the best water temps of the day and peak feeding time.  Tippets of 3X and 4X are a must and tiny egg flies and some assorted small Flashback Nymphs have been taking the bulk of the fish.  There are also some fish being caught on swung streamers, for those willing to put in the time.

Snow is deep up here so walking in is major exercise and boating is limited to those access' that have been plowed. The snowstorm on it's way is forecasted to dump another 10-12 inches of snow on Lake County so if you're heading up in the next few days use discretion as it may take a couple days for some of the access sites to be plowed.  On the plus side, all this fresh snow will provide some great photo opportunities....especially with a steelhead in your hands!
-Brad Turner
The PM Angler